CNP Peptide 2.27kg
CNP Peptide 2.27kg
CNP Peptide 2.27kg
CNP Peptide 2.27kg
CNP Peptide 2.27kg
CNP Peptide 2.27kg
CNP Peptide 2.27kg


CNP Peptide 2.27kg

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CNP Peptide 2.27kg



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FREE CNP Level Up Shaker 700ml with every tub of CNP Peptide 2.27kg

PEPTIDE is the next step in the evolution of the PROTEIN SHAKE as we know it. Whey will always have its place but for those who want to LEVEL UP their performance and gain that edge, PEPTIDE is the answer. Use by Pro Bodybuilders, CrossFitters, Strongmen and Olympic athletes for decades our latest version is the most effective and best tasting to date. 

If your goal is to get BIGGER, lift HEAVIER or perform BETTER, Peptide is the next level in protein supplementation. 

PEPTIDE at its core is a multi-stage release protein blend of 4 of the highest quality forms of protein. Each form digesting at a different speed to ensure you absorb as much protein as humanly possible from one shake (over 46g).


Native Whey

Peptide Bonded Glutamine



Egg Albumen


Micellar Casein 


Further enhanced with DigeZyme (Multi-enzyme complex) and AstraGin (Nutrient absorption enhancer) you can have complete confidence that both digestion and absorption are at their peak to effectively digest PEPTIDES sizable serving of protein.

Meaning PEPTIDE should be used at times and on days of maximum importance i.e. after training body parts of significance, heavy lifting days or workouts of the highest intensity.