Glaxon Purple Shaker 700ml


Glaxon Purple Shaker 700ml

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Glaxon Purple Shaker 700ml


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NO LEAK WORKOUT BOTTLE - Perfect Shaker Fit Rider offers a durable, secure, leak proof water bottle. No one enjoys shaking their protein shaker bottle only to have the contents inside splash on them due to a cap that was not securely manufactured. Never have to worry about whether or not your water bottle shaker is leaking with our twist lock cap and firm, snap-on mouth hole cover.

LEAK-FREE GUARANTEED - No other shaker cup on the market is designed to endure the wear and tear that a PerfectShaker does. Our proprietary design has been optimized to ensure that no matter how the cup is used, it will not leak.

ACTIONROD TECHNOLOGY - This patented shaker agitation element is scientifically developed using the laws of motion. During the blending process the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture. This rapid collision builds momentum within the cup as the fluid mixture accelerates and impact becomes intensified. The explosive impact results in instant emulsification and perfectly blended drinks every time.

DURAPLEX SHATTER RESISTANT PLASTIC - Not all shaker bottles are made the same. The quality of the plastic used and its overall density play a key role in how shatter resistant it is. Performa PerfectShaker bottles use a specialized blend of polymers that ensure maximum shock absorption and elasticity.