Digestive Stack (60 Servings)

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Digestive Stack (60 Servings)

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Digestive Stack (60 Servings)


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Dr Dean brings you his advanced formula with 7 key ingredients for the product, Digestive Stack - A very anticipated Digestive aid created specifically for Supplement needs.

Gut health is essential for taking care of it and will pay dividends in so many ways

Recommended Use

Take 2 capsules 25 minutes before your first or largest meal of the day.

An additional serving can be taken 12 hours later if required


  • Size: 120 Capsules
  • Serving Size: 2 Caps
  • Servings: 60

Per Serving (2 Caps)

Zinc Carnosine - 150mg

of which Zinc - 34.5mg

of which L-Carnosine - 115.5mg

Pancreatine - 162.5mg

of which Amylase - 50,000usp

of which Protease - 50,000usp

of which Lipase - 10,000usp

Betaine HCL - 600mg

Ginger Extract - 500mg

of which gingerols - 25mg

Pepsin - 100mg

Alpha Galactosidase Enzyme - 25mg

Diamine Oxidase - 300ug