Naughty Boy Noogandha® (60 Servings)
Naughty Boy Noogandha® (60 Servings)

Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy Noogandha® (60 Servings)

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Naughty Boy Noogandha® (60 Servings)


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Maybe you have tried Ashwagandha before?

We are aware of the extreme popularity of Ashwagandha and the amazing benefits it can provide, but we didn't want to just release another copy of Ashwagandha that you can already purchase. So we went on a hunt, a hunt for a unique variation of Ashwagandha that you won't have used before, one that has clinically backed studies and gives us something new.

Noogandha®️ is a new way to experience Ashwagandha. In addition to its studied nootropic benefits, Noogandha®️ still retains its powerful anti-stress / cortisol benefits. Noogandha®️ studies find improved cognitive flexibility, improved visual memory, improved reaction time, improved psychomotor speed, improved executive functioning, supports cortisol levels, reduced perceived stress and anxiety.

So what is Noogandha®️? its a form of Ashwagandha that’s encapsulated using liposomal delivery technology, meaning it’s encased in phospholipids thus increasing its bioavailability and absorption.

When we first tried Noogandha®️ the effects were outstanding, tremendously noticeable very quickly after taking the first dose and sustained us throughout the day, a great nootropic boost whilst still retaining its ability to be one of the best natural anti-stress and anti-anxiety ingredients that you can buy. So welcome to the crew Noogandha®️, your new and unique way to experience Ashwagandha like never before.